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How do you open Sparks so that all the groups open minimized rather than maximized?

I’m a new Spark’s user and our business has about 2 dozen groups that open maximized each time sparks is opened and I need to go through the list and minimize all but the one or two I need. Is there any way to open them all minimized or to have Sparks open the app the way it was when it was last closed? Thanks, ban66

What OS do you use? What version of spark? have you tried the latest beta build?

I’m using Windows XP Professional and the version is Spark 2.5.8. It is on a Network at our Clinic so I don’t think I can download a later version. ban66

Windows version of spark 2.5.8 should remember between launches the group expansion state. Did you use the exe installer or MSI?

Currently I use the .exe to start SPARK, I’m not sure what the msi is? Thanks, ban66

Maybe your profiles are read-only and Spark cant save that setting. Anyway, there is no option for this in 2.5.8. But there is Expand All/Collapse All menu option in the latest SVN versions.

I meant when you installed spark was the installer file an EXE or an MSI that you downloaded from this site? Also spark 2.5.8 does save thes setting on my machine when I use the EXE to install the application.

I installed it off the exe file but there is an .msi file. Should I try that? What is the difference.

Thanks again for your continued help! ban66

The MSI should not be used. I agree with the assesment that there may be a permissions issue with your install of spark if it is not remembering your settings.