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How do you open the archived persistent chat

Sorry if this is a really stupid question but I have read the docs and nothing seems to jump out at me.

For certain reasons we are sticking with wildfire for now, but i presume the principles are the same with openfire.

What I need to do as an administrator/moderator is to archive the persistent chatrooms, and also be able to open them in an external office type reader such as word, access, excel or whatever. I am using the windows version of wildfire 2.6.2 with the embedded database and can run the E:\Program Files\Wildfire\bin\extra\embedded-db-viewer.bat but I dont understand what I get with it. (I expected a list of users and chatrooms).

Where exactly are the archived chatrooms and how do i read them?

Thanks in advance (and again apologies for being a bit of a dunce here!!!)