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How do you up the Vcard Cache memory

I’ve seen some stuff on here about this, but I guess I don’t understand what i have seen because I still don’t know how increase the Vcard cache memory… Are these cache sizes a percentage of what is allocated to Java? If so, the I can assume that uping the memory available to jave would up these memory available to these caches?

Also, since I am seeing my vcard cache running really low, with only 35 or so users, can I assume that thier avatars are using the memory up. If so, can I force the images to a certain size in Kb before they can upload them? I see that the avatars are dynamically resized, but I assume the original picture is still the same size in KB and dimensions.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated,


That is documented in this old wiki article: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/How+to+configure+Wildfire's+ca ches


Call me dense, but I still don’t get it… How would I use this info to up the vcard cache memory from .5 meg to let’s say 2.5 megs?




would it be:

property value = cache.vcardCache.2621440




no you would enter the data like the attachment:


thanks… I feel like a moron, that ws so obvious… lol