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How does Hazelcast Clustering?

Hello. I’m watching the Hazelcast Clustering plugin, but I have a doubt.

Really how this plugin?. What use is the cluster openfire?

Used to replicate data from the database? Have to share all the same cluster database?

Example: Right now I have 3 machines.

With 1 1 MySql server

2nd with 1 server pointing to the server Openfire MySQL

3 with 1 server pointing to the server Openfire MySQL

Openfire servers use the same domain (example.org)

These cluster function as Data Node (MySQL Cluster) ie openfire server with cluster plugin, keep some information? or simply connect to the mysql server?

P.D: I need to know what makes a cluster openfire. if possible I would appreciate an example.

Thank you very much.

Hazelcast (or even the old Coherence clustering) allows two JVMs running Openfire to function as if they are one instance - Shared caches, users are visible on both nodes, etc.

Both nodes need to point to the same database. You would also need some mechanism, such as a load balancer, to route user logins to an available node.

david thanks for responding. The part that you’ve mentioned it wise cluster.

What should I do to make replica of the mysql database? In case that a mysql server is available fall another server.

PS: Can you create openfire as tables for mysql cluster?


MySQL Cluster:

1 MGM node

2-node data

2 node mysql

2 computers with openfire server nodes connected to the 2 mysql mysql connect these nodes to the 2 DataNode (where the database), and this is what I get, in case one falls the openfire DataNode will continue DataNode running because the other stands.

P.D2: I want to get a real cluster openfire mysql, I see it more powerful than cluster Hazelcast plugin. What do you think?

Openfire can connect to SQL nodes in a MySQL cluster. You should look at the MySQL Cluster documentation how to build that environment.

You didn’t explain your use case for hazelcast clustering, but if you’re going for HA you probably want both Openfire clustering as well as MySQL/database clustering.

David I would like to create a openfire server with high availability and scalable.

For high availability have tested MySQL Cluster environment and I see powerful with its failure to have, but still I see powerful. I mean like I said earlier, if I have two DataNode (where the database) and one of them goes down, no problem, the other would follow DataNode keep running and running allowing openfire server and when the fallen DataNode is operate this update the database to keep functioning.

I have not seen the inner workings when creating tables with MySql openfire but I guess it will use the InnoDB engine. But to use the potential of MySQL Cluster tables should be created with Openfire NDBCluster storage engine for that so if a DataNode there are any changes it will automatically be replicated in all other nodes that you have created.

For scalability had thought Plugin Hazelcast cluster openfire server to add in the case of users increased.

I’m on the right track?

You can modify the installation using Openfire with MySQL Database to suit MySqlCluster (use NDBCluster storage engine)?

PD: If you wanted to get a Openfire server with high availability and scalability, how would you do it?


You can either modify the Openfire database scripts (for both base OF and plugins) and add the engine option to each create table, or just do the install on MySQL then ALTER TABLE everything afterwards to get it moved to the NDBCluste engine.

Hi David, almost got.

Openfire creates 34 tables, because I managed to put 28 tables with ndbcluster engine.



I could not change the engine type. But I understand it is because it does not support text primary key. Error 1073 and Error 1089.

Any idea?

You should probably ask the MySQL Cluster mailing list.

David not understand you. Do you mean with MySQL Cluster mailing list.?

It could change the data type of the table fields?

Text = Varchar (200) for example.

Would have problems?

You’re asking quesitons about MySQL - Probably best to ask a mysql specific mailing list.

You can always try to change the column type. Not sure what the impact would be.