How does one enable A/V in Sparkweb?

I’ve been reading for some time now, have come across a lot of posts and docs saying that sparkweb supports A/V but how is it enabled?

As far as I can tell, redfire = the red5 plugin which is mentioned a lot and appears to be required in the mix.

The plugin is enabled in the server, there are no firewalls in the way, testing using Spark shows A/V works fine.

Using Sparkweb however, only text with no A/V options showing up anywhere.

There are many documents talking about configuring this and that but it is impossible to know if those are for older or current versions.

So, can someone please let me know if/how A/V can be enabled using the latest openfire server and the latest Sparkweb client.


After two weeks, one would hope such a basic question could have been answered, even by the busy few developers who are on the site.

Help, someone, it should be a simple question.

there are no busy developers on this site, just busy volunteers :slight_smile:

Sparrkweb is currently not supported by Redfire. The old red5 plugin had a version/fork of Sparkweb that supported A/V, but it is not compatible with Redfire.

With the current interest in HTML5, the upcoming WebRTC, simpler facebook-like UI as implemented in Jappix and OfChat and Flex now at version 4.5, I think SparkWeb development will remain abandoned for a while