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How does one join an IRC channel using the gateway?

I’ve got the IRC transport registered and it shows up in my roster. The “Test” button on the server admin screen indicates “Success”. But for the life of me I can’t get anything to connect me to a channel on IRC. Here are the settings I’m using:

Openfire v3.4.5, IM Gateway Plugin v1.2.2a

IRC server: irc.freenode.net

Port: 7000

In service disco I have Transports-> irc.mydomain.com. It also shows up under Conference as conference.irc.mydomain.com.

I registered with the transport providing a Nick. It shows up in my roster under Transports and indicates I am “logged in”.

So this all appears correct, but I can’t connect to an IRC channel. I’m using “Join Groupchat” and have tried the following syntaxes for the “room name”:





(and also all the above with # in front of the channel name)

But everthing I try just hangs indefinitely.

What am I missing?


I have the same problem, any ideas anyone?