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How does the authentication process work

If I am using a SQL database where does the authentication process begin?

The problem I have is that in the SQL database the usernames are stored with the “server\username” nameing convention. This is required form the other program that uses the database. What I want to do is have wildfire try to authenticate users placing the “server” string before the user name. Now I can get it to do this by chaning some refererences in defaultauthprovider and defaultuserprovider but then the user page in the admin console shows no users present. What I would like to do is as soon as the server tries to authenticate something (ONLY authenticate, when they are using the program it is fine if they see the actual name from the db) that the server places a string before the inputted username before it tries to authenticate.


I would recommend creating a custom AuthProvider and UserProvider. The reason your changes to DefaultAuthProvider didn’‘t totally work is that you need to make similar changes to DefaultAuthProvider. However, it’'s definitely a better idea to create your own classes instead of editing the Default* classes. That way, upgrades will be much easier.