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How does this voip work now?


we have a few members on our server, myself included with version 2.51 spark

i thought it was meant to have direct voip now to call each other?

None of us are able to find a dial button or anything similar - what the method to do voip spark-spark?


Could just be a coincidence, but I had the same thing happen today, and I have been using jingle (voip direct from pc to pc from spark) for a week now, but today I let my client update from the internet to 2.5.1 and logged into the server, and I didn’'t have the dial (computer to computer) option when I right clicked on a user in my roster, but after I went into my preferences, made some UNRELATED changes, then went back to the spark window, lo and behold the DIAL option was there!! might help you to try that… just maybe!!

thanks for tip but didnt work

so im to assume its bugged for alot of our users? seems strange

Try adding someone that is currently connected to the server to your contacs list, let them just go into the default friends group that it wants to create… when the group is displayed with them in it showing online, send them a message, go back into your roster and right click on their nake, you should then see a dial icon appear and when you go to that it should say computer to computer…Also is your server public or internal network only??

ok will try that tomorrow

its a private server not public at all

its set to auto assign users to a online group made at the server so as anyone logs in they get the full user list in their client

does this issue need to be bugged how ever thats done?

I would give what I said a try tomorrow, and go from there…

didnt work either, still dont see a dial option in the roster list/right click

tested with 4 or 5 different users now too

if you happen to be on linux, you are having bad luck…no voip support for us yet.

Besides the linux build, you should be seeing dial options for each user. Have you tried using the 2.5.1.exe file?



Me and my coworker are using Spark 2.5.1 and i can see Dial button in contect menu and in chat window.

not using linux - all users are on windows xp

we are using the client from the auto update feature of spark

lucky if yours is working, but ours is not for any user

I am not yet using OpenFire. However, if I setup OpenFire for my users, can I disable the VoIP altogether?


Yes, just remove the softphone and jingle plugins from the spark clients… and voip support should be gone…

And how do I create a package for my users without these plugins?