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How I can make a user only can create one chat room Help

hi, all

I am quite a new with Openfire.

Currently, I want to make client server for some gamers.

I want make each user be allowed to create only one room on my server.

It means no one will be allowed to create more than two rooms on my server.

I am wondering whether I can achieve this via making a plugin?

Could someone give me some tips ???

If plugin can not make it, is there any other methods to achieve this ?

I have tried to use a RoomEventDispatcher to detect the a Created Room.

And maitain a hashtable to see if the user have created any room.

But I found the openfire never can detect the plugin.

Thanks a lot

could you any give a hand ?

It sounds like you’re on the right track.

But I found the openfire never can detect the plugin.

As far as I can tell, to add a plugin you need to place it in openfire\src\plugins (the openfire source, not the installation directory). Then point a terminal window to openfire/trunk/build and run ant plugins to compile openfire with the plugins.

Maybe you should start by modifying an existing plugin? I’m sure there is documentation on this site for writing your own plugin.