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How I can update roster status?

Hi guys!

I’m developing a custom chat in Flex/Air using XIFF, and I need to show the status of my buddies.

But the “RosterEvent.USER_PRESENCE_UPDATED” is not updating every status change of my buddies.

Someone can help me with this case?


Here below combo’s change event,

private function changePresence(event:Event):void
Myroster.setPresence(null, event.currentTarget.selectedItem.label, 1);

<mx:ComboBox change=“changePresence(event)” x=“125” y=“198” width=“68”>
<mx:Object label=“away” data="{Presence.SHOW_AWAY}"/>
<mx:Object label=“busy” data="{Presence.SHOW_DND}"/>

I do not think I expressed right…

I want to know the status of my contacts, you understand me?

Thanks for help!

Best Regards

Marcos Lucas