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How interested are you in using Transports?

So one of the areas that Spark does not support at the moment is the ability to register with Transports (MSN, AIM, YAHOO). I just want to get your opinion on transport support, and if you feel it’'s necessary within Spark. This is an informal vote more for discussion at this time.



This thread is only for those who are interested in transports? Cause i’'m not I prefer bugfixes and all new features you have mentioned in Live Chat

Hi Derek,

it would be nice to have one, but a way to access the Wifi pubsub service is what I prefer. I did not yet install python on the server and no one did point me to a java (.war) transport I could use with Wifi. So I’'m not really interested in this client feature.


I for one would like to see this feature added.

We are trying to transition the office away from AIM, and already have Spark + Wildfire deployed. Allowing them to add their AIM accounts under spark would allow me to get rid of that awful obtrusive application that is AIM and all of its bloat.

Of course, hopefuly this will become a moot point as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! begins to open their IM services to federation. I look forward to this ideal future…

I want to see this feature for sure - but I also want to be able to restrict which users have the ability to register