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How long and increase length of body message?

Dear All,

I just modify the message router when some defined subject arrived then server will response with result of data(text) from database. the data is in text format and put in the body of message as response.

there is working properly when the length of body less then 4096.

i had problem when the data is large / the length is long. I Just tried to debug in server that the length of body not same when send to client.

example: before send to client, the length of message body is : 9124 but arrived in client only: 4096

how to increase and setting the size of message?

thank you

Hey Aan,

Openfire set a maximum of 1MB for each XML stanza. Since you are talking about stanzas of less than 10KB that should not be a problem. I guess that what you are seeing is related to something else. Could you provide us an example of a sent and received message packet?


– Gato