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How many ressources openfire use?


I’m Kenny and I’m an IT Technician for a commercial website. We are about a thousand employees.

After many tests, I’d like to install openfire for all the employees on a Linux server. Yesterday, I searched on the forum\website some many informations but I didn’t find what I wanted.

For a year and for a thousand employees, I would like to know how many space disk I need approximately.

Have you some stats on the network ressources ? on the CPU usage ? Memory used ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a nice day.

It is hard to estimate resource usage, because it depends on the user’s behavior, hom much will they chat, send files, etc.

If you are not planning to store conversation history then disk space is not important. Openfire database will not grow much. My whole Openfire installation takes 30 MB now (with the embedded database included). I have 200 users and it is almost the same for years. RAM is not an issue in normal circumstances (user’s are only sending occasional messages say 1 per 10 minutes or so). I have 512 MB of RAM, but it worked with 64 MB also (linux box with cmd only). The problem you can fac would be with Java JVM memory. It can quickly fill the default limit and the server will start freezing. You can increase JVM memory in settings file (described in the installation guide). CPU is not important with a mild usage either i think.

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Thank you very much Wroot =)

Your informations are very useful for my estimations.

Best regards,