How much bandwidth does OpenFire require?

I’m just wondering how much bandwidth would i need for a good openfire server…

can anybody give me a good estimate on how much bandwidth I’d need vs users connected…

I’m looking at dedicated server services and some are offering different connections and such…

i’m mainly looking at a 100Mbps connection and i’m wondering how many users can connect to it (of course it being stable and not lagging)

so can anybody give me a rough estimate of bandwidth i’d need to buy for 100s or maybe 1000s of users if a chat app becomes a hit?

and also explain how the connection manager wheres and which server people login from?

I really appreciate anybody who helps and I’m very thankful for the input.

Hi Silpheed2K,

As with other questions along these lines, we really need to know more about what your users will be doing, how many users will each have in the contact list. How many server2server connections will be involved? There is no 1 to 1 metric for users versus bandwidth.

Guessing, I would think a 100 Mbps connection will be more than plenty.


My users will mainly be engaging in group chats and instant messaging each other with a friends list…

so there will be a lot of group chats (but restricted to the limits of chats i put with preset room names)

and I’m looking at dedicated server services and it says the server has a 100Mbps connection for and AMD 3000+ with 768MB of RAM for 69.99 a month.

Thanks for the help i really appreciate it… if you know of anything better i can do to acquire some good bandwidth and servers or a better deal just let me know…

I really appreciate your help

So now i guess i have to figure out to get the connection manager to work… thanks

Have you checked with the hosting service that you can even run this on their servers. It needs admin level to install. This product is not really meant to run in that environment.

No i havent… but i’ll be sure to check now that you mentioned it…

so what kind of environment is the product meant to run in? what would i really need then?

just curious

You need to be a system admin to install and make some modifications to ensure autoload at boot. This product was designed to run on a server that you have complete control of, one that resides on your network (generally speaking). There may be hosting companies out there that will let you run this or will install it for you.

well generally as you’re probably aware of… home connections dont have good upload and no good ISPs run to my area…

so what would be a good option to host an OpenFire server? I’d really like to know because I originally wanted to buy a computer and host the server myself however I realised it may be too expensive to run the server.

what would you recommend to solve that problem and ave enough bandwidth? (I really appreciate your help btw)

the link above is for a dedicated host and you would have root access. that should be plenty

Hi Todd,

Actually, looking at the link and plan that Silpheed2K posted (s)he shouldn’t have any trouble running Openfire on what is specified. If I read the details correctly that’s a dedicated machine so they’ll be able to install and manage anything they want on it, including Java/Openfire and their choice of database, assuming of course they’re comfortable working on a remote machine. One thing that did catch my eye was that the plan only includes 3 restarts, which really shouldn’t be an issue if you’re running some flavor of Linux, but which seems a little odd if you have complete control over the box.



I did miss the fact that the server at the spec he quoted was a dedicated box. Some of the limitations on a server you are supposed to control seem a bit wonky to say the least. He will definitely need to know how to remotely manage the server as well.

Thanks to all of you… all of you have been major help and I really appreciate it… I’ll look into how to remotely manage a dedicated server or I’ll ask around

I’m really thankful that you all were so helpful… you solved so many problems for a project I want to get started on.

Most I know about managing servers is CPanels, FTP, CVS Servers, SVN Server, stc. but not a dedicated box… never done that before.

I really appreciate all the help and thank you all

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Who do you recommend using then? just curious

edit: found these guys and they seem like a good deal