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How one might restrict users from seeing other users in openfire

Here is what I’m being asked to do and after a brief search on the internet I am unable to find this as an option in open fire.

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious:

Basic Overview:

There are 5 managers in Group A

There are 30 employees in Group B

There are other groups and other employees that we’ll call Group C and D

Group C and D can see those in Group A, but not in Group B

Group A can see C and D as well as each person in Group B

each person in Group B can not see each other, but can ONLY see the 5 managers in Group A.

I haven’t found a way to manipulate permissions in openfire to accomplish something like the above setup.

Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction or can slap me and tell me it was right in front of me all along?

Kind Regards,


your requirement that group b not see each other makes this impossible. because any groups that are shared automatically are shared to the members of the group.

Hi sixthring,

Perhaps the users wouldn’t be assigned to a group that are the employees.

The general idea is that a group of folks ~30 are not supposed to be allowed to see each other, but rather each one can only see the 5 managers and the 5 managers can see all of the 30 folks.

Perhaps that makes more sense?

there is no automatic way to do this without the use of groups and the sharing of said groups. you can use the packet filter to restrict who can talk to whom. you can also use the subscription plugin to restrict the addition of additional users to rosters.

I’ll give this a go next week once I’m back from the holidays.

Many thanks for the quick replies sixthring!