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How openfire decide to send presence notify to a user or not?

I use openfire in my company.

And I develop a plugin which show the organization tree of my company.

Now the problem is as I do not use the organization departments as roster group,

the presence seems not deliver to the client.My request is to send presence

to all the users in the organization.Is this possible?

I can’t understand what is your problem and what you want to achieve. Can you explain with more details what is your setup and waht you need to do and what is wrong?

Sorry for my poor english.

My question is how to receive presence from everyone in the system which is not in my contact list.

Have you tried Presence Service plugin? http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp

Thanks for your help.

But I just want to get the presence in the client like spark not web page.

As I mentions 1st post.I develop both plugin for spark and openfire which

load our company 's department tree and display the tree in spark[new tab].

This is usually done with the group provider.But with group provider ,if I want to

show the groups in tree.I should append the group name to the parent group

name conjuncted with ‘::’,that may not be useful when I am using existing