How prepopulate AD users in each installation of IM client

I want all my AD users to show up in contacts after I install the IM client so each user doesn’t need to add them manually

Is there a way to do that?

Thank you


I assume you are using LDAP with AD in openfire then. Create an AD group with all users in the group. Then in openfire admin go to the user/groups settings, select groups, find the new all user group, share it, give it a common name, make it available to all users if you want in case you forget to add new users in the AD group when hired.

yes, i will check that once I get it set up.

I’m having problem to figure out the LDAP logon strings

I have for Base DN ou=User Accounts, dc-mydomain, dc=local

and for Administrator DN I have cn=administrator,

and password

I get

Ststus Error

Error authenticating with the LDAP server. Check supplied credenials

Can you help with that as well?

Thank you

See if my doc here helps you:

domain\username format worked instead of cn=administrator, etc…

thank you Todd!

this seems to be little bit flaky, I folowed your instructions and only six users from a group with more users show up, so then I have to create another AD group and add another batch of 5 or six users to show, very strange. Do you have any tips for that?

Thank you

Openfire does not support nest groups. Your groups can only be defined with users as members. In other words you can not add members by adding a predefined group. I have groups with over 100 users pulled from AD displaying fine.

Hi Todd

I don’t have nested groups, I created a Domain Local Security Group right in the root od User Accounts OU. It looks like it takes very long time for the users to show up in Groups withing OPenFire, when I came in the office this morning the users that wasn’t showing up last night is there right now. Is it the way OF works? Just needs lots of time to pull the users from AD?

Thank you for being very helpful on those subjects


I added whole bunch of users today and they showed up in OpenFire groups after 10 or 15 minutes. Good it works today :slight_smile:

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