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How to achieve auto add to roster and auto ID


This is my first post.

& I am new to openfire and Xmpp too…

This is the usecase.

A chat-widget in website, people who are visiting the website can see each other in the Chat, and talk with each other.

They can rename their auto-generated guest-name.

so, Based on my understanding following points are required.

  1. No Login & Auto-Login

  2. Auto add all other users to roster (friend-list)

  3. Allow user to rename

  4. A welcome message like, these are the visitors, start discussing. (I found plugin for that)

so, How can I achieve top 3 points? Is there any readymade stuff available.

or, I have to create own plugin? If I have to create, what is the nearest doc/code I should look for OR read and understand.