How to achieve message archieving

I want a similar feature of message archieving XEP-0136 which openfire doesn’t support. Openfire has provided “monitoring plugin” which does message archieving, but its a server side control. How shall I control message archieving from the client side or any better plugin available?


There is a community plugin which is using XEP-0136, though development has stopped long time ago

I have noticed that but since it is no longer actively developed I thought maybe existing feature should be extended

The download option seems to be disable for the open archieve plugin from the community plugin. Could you provide me the download link for open archieve plugin. Seems like this plugin has got lot of issues. Can you guide me for better plugin

I want the feature from xep 0136 is -Support for preferences and manual archiving. Can you guide me?

So is there any thing which Support for preferences and manual archiving from Xep 0136. Any comment ?

Here is the download link for the latest Open Archive version -1.0.5.jar

No, there is no other xep-0136 implementation (in any form) on this site.

Hi Wroot,

thanks for the download link. But my main expectation from this archive.jar is “Support for preferences and manual archiving” which is on the road map of archive.jar. Could you tell me when this features will be included and available?

I’m not the author of this plugin, but it seems he has dropped development, so probably this won’t be included soon.

Is Xep 0136 in the roadmap of openfire???

There is no even a roadmap for Openfire. We don’t have many developers here who can spend a lot of time with projects. Only a few volunteers who are usually busy with other stuff. Oiram has filed a ticket for that feature. That’s all we can do for now.

I wish I did not give up on Java… I would spare some time for the project with pleasure, at present I can only offer testing

Any one can tell me how can i access archived message at client side with the help of smack library. I am unable to pick up any api which can perform the required job. please share any view or any link from where i can get the solution to retrieve the chat archived at client hand.


i am still waiting for a running solution for retrieval of archieved chat messages with the help of smack library.

please post any solution for it.

Hope so to get quick response from any one.

Thanks in advance.