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How to add a group of other domain in contact list(Roster) sharing?

Hi Team,

We have built OF 3.7.1 on linux box. Further, when our company(xyz.com) purchased another company(abc.com). We have integrated both Openfire servers with S2S settings. Both the openfire servers are integrated.

Now, a group with the name “asdf” from ignite.xyz.com wants “jkl” group of ignite.abc.com to be added in contact list(Roster) and vice versa.

Finally what we want to acheive is that both the groups user’s “asdf” (ignite.xyz.com) and “jkl” (ignite.abc.com) should be able to see which user is online in spark and should be able to chat with each other.

Please feel free to ask questions/querries. I hope you have understood my requirement.

Can you please tell me whether this requirement can be addressed.

(Note: the two groups have many users and it is difficult to add each user of other domain individually in spark).

Thanks & regards,

Mouli AHVK.

I believe S2S doesn’t support roster sharing, so you can’t share a group from one domain to users in another domain.

Hi wr00t,

Thanks for your input.

Further, i have one more query on this, --By building both domains on same server, will i still rely on S2S feature for acheiving roaster sharing ?

will it be possible to acheive roaster sharing, if i build the openfire to support mutiple domain (both domains on single server) ? (As both the databases are available in “openfire” database)

WIth Regards,

Mouli AHVK.

Openfire doesn’t support multiple domains in one installation.