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How to add buddy and send private message

Hello ,

I am new to openfire and xmpp , so sorry in advance for my dummy question.

I have installed openfire on ubuntu. And created some user accounts.

I am using pidgin as my client and succeded to login with 2 seperate accounts and 2 seperate pidgin instances.

I was able to create a room by one user and join to the same room with the other one. I was able to make those 2 users chat with each other.(using pidgin)

I was able to create a group and share the contact lists with each other (from admin console of openfire) , this way my 2 pidgin clients were able to see and send private messages to each other.

However, i was unable to add a buddy , send an instant message , or even send a friendship request , If i do not create a group, add both users and share contact list info from openfire admin console.

I would like to invite a person and start sending message if that person accepts my request.(Just like MSN).

I am kind of stuck here or missing something. Any help would be great,


You should add buddies like this: username@servername

thx for the quick reply , i guess i am missing some semantic here. Maybe you can help me out.

When installing openfire , should i enter the domain name same as the hostname of the machine ?

And then i should add a buddy name@openfiredomain ?


I’m afraid i’m not strong at this too. By default setup is suggesting domain name the same as the hostname. Though there is probably a way to have different domain name. As my hostname and domain are the same i’m usually calling this JID part the ‘servername’, though this is a domain name. You should add buddies as user@domain. You have to specify the full JID (user@domain), because in jabber you can add users from different domains.