How to add Contacts remotely to Spark client

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I’ve read many threads and can’t seem to get the info that helps me - on 2 items. I’m using OF 3.6.4 on WinSvr2003. First the easy one (maybe): Is there a way to add all of the Contacts to each other for each user? In my case, we have 8 people in the dispatch area. I created a “Dispatch” Room in Group Chat/Room Admin and added all of them. But when they log in (using the Spark client) they do not see each other and have to manually add each other. Is there a way on the server-side to add each of them to all clients? I’d like it if all users (new or old) could just log in to Spark and they automatically have each other in their list.

Again, sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I hadn’t come across what I hoped. If you can help or point me where to read up on this it would be greatly appreciated!

You can try creating a new group in Openfire and add all the users to it. “Enable contact list group sharing” and check “Share group with additional users”.

That was very helpful Joe. Though I had to do it slightly different. I should have stated in the OP that I’m using LDAP, so I couldn’t create the new group in OF (wouldn’t let me). So I created a Security Group in ADUC, and I’mnow going thru OF and configuring that Group. Looks like I’m heading in thr right direction now!! Thanks!!