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How to add transports in Spark?

I’ve search the discussions but did not find an answer:

Is there any way to add transports to Spark?

Currently we use Kraken to connect to different IM networks and Kraken “transports” are seen as icons in Spark main window.

As Kraken has issue with cyrillic encoding with ICQ 7 clients we want to use PyICQ-T as ICQ Transport.

All other Jabber clients are able to connect to all “non-native gateway style” transports (PyICQt, mrim etc) on our Openfire server, and Spark does not have an option to lookup transports on server.

We do not want to change client because we like good enterprise features of Spark and it is native to Openfire but we need TRANSPORTS

If there is no such an option in Spark - may be there is a way to add transports as “native” Openfire gateways so they will present in “gateways” toolbar in Spark?

Openfire server 3.6.4

Spark - 2.5.8 & 2.6 beta 2