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How to add tree-like contact group in openfire

As I am using openfire in company,I want to integrate our exsits department and organization tree as jabber users.But I have no idea to make a tree like group in openfire.Anybody could help me?Thanks

This depends on a client you use. Openfire itself doesn’t support nested (tree-like) contact groups. Exodus uses “/” sign to make virtually nested groups, Spark uses " :: " combination of chars (with spaces). It means. That in Admin Console, when you add a sharing name for a group, if you name it “Users/GroupA” in Exodus it will look like:



GroupA virtually will look like a part of Users group. But only virtually. In reality it will be a normal group in Admin Console, and you don’t have to have group Users to do such nesting. For Spark you will have to give it a sharing name like “Users :: GroupA”. But Spark has some issues with nesting. Other clients may have other options for this.