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How to addon aditional features like SMS wakeup


I’'m currently investigating how to make a messagingservice for mobilephones where one could send out important information to customers. The idea was to build this from scratch, but then i thought why not use a working and proved technology like Jabber/XMPP. So i found OpenFire and it has most things that i need from a server, and i guess i have to write the client application myself based on KVMJab or Mobber.

But the missing piece is a wakeupfunction that could wakeup the clientapplication when important information must be pushed out. I’'m intend to use the PushRegistry function on the mobilephone, but then i also have to modify Openfire so it can wakeup a mobile when a message is to be devlivered. So the question is, has anyone done this before? Which classes in the OpenFire sourcecode is involved? Can one let Openfire route certain messages to my own code so that i can handle these messages in a special way?

Many thanks!

See the docs for PacketInterceptor

Thanks i’'ll look into that one!