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How to allow certain users to connect MSN, etc

I have seen in the Admin panel under GATEWAYS / SETTINGS where each IM network can be checked or unchecked. What I don’t understand are the permissions on this. If I check MSN for example, and then under the Permissions section for MSN, there are choices like “All users can register” or “These users / groups”. But if I add a users name in the section for who can connect to MSN, how does that user enter this information in the client to make the connection?

Then under GATEWAYS / REGISTRATIONS, a new user registration to an outside service can be created manually by the Admin for any of the supported services. This works, but in this way the Admin must enter the users MSN name and Password, rather than the user entering that information and keeping his own MSN and Hotmail password private to himself.

How should this be working? It seems there are these 2 different methods of adding an outside service for a particular user or group of users. But how can I get the permissions for each user to work without the Admin creating those registrations, as in the permissions boxed described above?


I use AD groups to for administration of gateway chats. Create a group for each gateway and add the authorized users to it. Then add the group name to the permissions of the gateway. From that point on adding users to the appropriate AD group will get them access.

You can manually create the gateway accounts but as you noted you need the account info. It is easieer to let them do it through spark. They need only enter the username and password for that gateway under its icon. See my attached image for an example.