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How to allow only some users to start conversations?

Hi, we have OpenFire 3.4.1 running, integrated to a database backend for users.

We need only some users to be able to start conversation,and we’re looking for the best way to achieve this functionality.

After reading XMPP RFCs, it seems XMPP permissions can give us the answer, but we can’t find where in OpenFire this is implemented (which users/groups can do an action).

Another option would be to intercept conversation start request, do an jdbc query to allow or not… and we’re looking for which class we need to patch.

Thanks for any help.

Paulo Emerique

Hi Paulo,

may I ask where you did read about “XMPP permissions”?

There are already some “block conversation” plugins available which show how this could be done. I guess that you want to keep the “active chats” information in memory, and if you have <10 allowed users who are able to start you may want to use an openfire property to store them.