How to authenticate users from external database?

OpenFire version 4.0.2

This link is quite sufficient Openfire: Custom Database Integration Guide quite sufficient but the exact problem

-> Its not clear whether to add the properties in the database or in the conf/openfire .xml file.

What is the correct process, I have tried with inserting properties in to ofProperty table and it did not work ?

I have tried adding properties from admin gui (which is time taking process, if you want to re install it again and again ) ,

-> I can authenticate users from external database.

but the problem is I cannot log in to admin console any more

Do any one have any good solution for this ?

Forgive me if I am incorrect, but I had a similar issue logging into the admin console after making a change to the server.

I had to edit conf/openfire.xml and add the following within the tags:



 <other stuff>

We are using AD authentication and I was able to log in fine with my AD admin user.

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question about Custom Database Integration.

I have tried that to change the conf/openfire.xml file, but the problem , when ever i restart the open fire, my changes to the conf file are lost and I need to restart the openfire from scratch again in order to login,

What is your tag setting in openfire.xml?

I’m on red hat and I am running openfire as a non-privileged user. I had an issue in the script /etc/init.d/openfire where openfire was launching as the ‘daemon’ user. Because of this, my openfire.xml file was not updated and kept taking me through the initial setup/installation every openfire restart.

Are you having the same problem?

HI Eric, I did not had the problem you have stated , regarding the contents of the tag I will post it tomorrow,

actually problem was

what is the proper way to do authenticate external users ? Adding entries in the ‘ofProperty’ table or changing the conf/openfire.xml file

Hi Eric,

What is AD Authentication , you are referring to ?

Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft’s take on LDAP. Unfortunately I cannot answer your authentication problem, I was hoping to be able to help with your setup issue.

Okay, face palm