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How to avoid contacts added without notification?

Hi ! I don´t know if this question was already made. I tried to find something similar but couldn´t. Is it normal Spark to accept automatically new MSN contacts, when using Gateway plugin via Openfire? It doesn´t ask me if I want to add the new contact, simply adds it to Spark.

I´m using Spark 2.5.3/2.5.4, Gateway Plugin 1.1.0 Beta 5, Openfire 3.3.2. The same thing happened using any version (any Spark and/or Gateway Plugin version).



Sometimes it feels as if nobody (support people) reads our questions. The problem I reported here is happening only with Spark (it doesn’‘t matter what version we try). As this is used in our company, it’'s already installed and been used by more than 150 users. It would be frustrating if we HAD to replace this client just because it does not ask if I want to be added as a contact or not.

Aside this issue, the client is brilliant - everybody loved its interface: beautiful, easy to use and light.

Thanks for your time,


We have not seen this issue with the gateways. You should always be receiving a subscription notification when a user attempts to add you. Could you post the error logs so I could see what may be happening?



Hello! Well, it does not have any error message. It´s just this behavior: No notifications before being added as a contact. So, lets say:

I am an MSN user (john@mycompany.com) and I am using M$ Messenger as client. I add a new user called mary@theircompany.com.

Mary is using Spark with MSN plugin enabled.

In Mary’'s Spark a new contact just appears (John@mycompany.com). It does not asks Mary if she allows John to add her as a contact.

As I said, it’'s happening with all versions. I made some tests with other clients like PSI and the notification appeared.

If you want I can send you all my logs.