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How to Backup & Restore db of openfire 4.0.2 to new machine

I want to transfer all user & chat history to new machine. i have my DB in same machine C drive.
please help me with any plugin to take all user & chat backup & restore back to new machine

What do you mean by C drive? Do you use an external DB (MSSQL, MySQL, etc.) or embedded one?

Hi thanks for your reply,
I am using ebedded DB which is saved in local C Drive.

Embedded database is usually in Openfire/embedded-db folder. So you can just copy over whole Openfire folder to the new server. Or you can install the same version on the new server and then copy whole folder from the old server on top of the new installation.

Thanks for your quick response,
Your solution worked but I lost all my user chart history. any solution for old chart history?
one more question- Will there be any loss of data if I upgrade from 4.0.2 to openfire latest version?

What exactly do you mean by user chat history? Do you mean one on one chat history or group chat rooms history? How was it presented? Do you use Monitoring service? Was embedded-db folder inside your Openfire installation folder?

Everything should stay intact when upgrading to the latest version.

I want all one on one user chat history. I don’t use any monitoring services. as you said in earlier post I have copied whole openfire folder but still chat history missing.

I don’t understand where you had all the history showing before, if you are not using monitoring plugin. Do you mean in the client itself? Then usually such history is stored on the client. It shouldn’t vanish after moving Openfire. Unless you have changed the name of it and your users now have different usernames than before, so a client is thinking the history it has was for another user.