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How to ban the inbox broadcasts messages for concrete user?


your subject does not explain the issue. what is a concrete users?

Concrete user…

Some account in OpenFire Server. One must not to get he inbox broadcasts messages.


the one may define a privacy list and block incoming broadcast messages.

If you want to manage this on server side you could try the Packet Filter Plugin, anyhow I don’t know whether it suit your needs.


tell particularly, where I must setup in PSI or in the Packet Filter Plugin


visit http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp or https://yourserver:9091/plugin-admin.jsp to take a look at the plugins.

have no idea how to use a privacy list within PSI.


Please tell me what can I do to disable incoming broadcasting messages.

I set next settings. Look its in the attach file.

But these settings don’t work.