How to block a file transfer?

I use WildFire 2.6.2 (Windows Server 2003) and Padion 2.5 (Client)

Help me!

Hi Cassio,

wait for the next Wifi release and vote for JM-675. But this will allow you to block all and not just a file transfer.

Are you looking for a way to block file transfer for just some users, like setting ACL’'s?


PS: For Spark there is the Transfer Guard Sparkplug but it will not help you with Padion.

I Will wait the next release, because i want block all the file transfer.

Thank you.

hi, I was playing around with the new release 3.0.0 of wildfire server, unfortunately I was not able to figure out a mechanism to disable file transfers through wildfire server.

PS: My requirement is to block all kind of file transfers thorugh wildfire server.


If a commercial version is an option for you, you should try Wildfire Enterprise. It has extensive client control features, including the ability to block all file transfers. You can try it out by downloading it from the list of available plugins inside the Wildfire admin console.