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How to block clients from some networks


How I can block some networks at my Openfire server?




Openfire has no such function. You may want to use a firewall or set up a special route for networks you want to be unreachable for Openfire.


Hi Logo,

On the admin console, there is something called:

Restrict Login

Use the form below to define the IP

addresses or IP address ranges that are allowed to login. E.g.:, 200.125.80.*. Leaving the form empty means that clients

will be able to connect from any IP address.

You can find this under “Server Settings” -> “Registration & Login”.

While it doesn’t do exactly what you want, it does the opposite which may be a workaround?


What is the syntax for setting a range in this field?

It says it can be done, but only gives single address and wild card options; neither of these are actually ranges.

I see how to do a single address (such as and/or a wild card address (such as 10.0.0.*), but none of the ways I’ve tried it (such as or or or work. Oh, these numbers are completely made up on the fly just for examples…so don’t get hung up there).

Any ideas?