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How to block (ignore) a certain user?


I’‘m developing an applet as a chat. I would like to be able to block/unblock certain users to send messages to a person who doesn’‘t want them. Where can I store this information that user A blocked user B and doesn’'t want to receive messages from B?

I have checked the Roster class but I don’'t see any reference to block/unblock users.



Hi Biland,

block lists seem to be client features, you may store it either on the client or in memory - the vcard could also be used but there you don’‘t want to store the JID’'s as plain text.


Hey guys,

Wildfire 2.5.0 includes support for privacy list and we are now working on SMACK-31 to add privacy list support to Smack. We may have an initial version in a few weeks from now.


– Gato