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How to build spark as a .exe?


How can I build the spark from source to a installer?such as a .exe file.

Is it need install4j?any suggest is welcome,tks!

Yes, first You will need install4j. You could try an evaluation version.

Edit your ant build.xml file.

Configure your install4j home

After that run: ant installer.win

adn… Voila your exe is done.

Hope Helped.

Check this out too:



I made exe file successfully using ur advise.

When i installed Spark using the installer i am having following exception and am using windows. Plz help


at org.jivesoftware.Spark.(SparkRes.java:257)

… 7 more

Hi, I’'d like some more details on this.

I have Ant and install4j eval installed. What do you mean with “Configure your install4j home” and “ant installer.win”?

Where do I have to put the source code? Which are the main things to edit in build.xml?