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How to build spark executable for Linux

I’m trying build spark executables for linux.

I’m able to build/run spark from Eclipse folowing the execellent guide by aznidin at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1040 But I want to run spark without Eclipse. I understand there should be install4j kind of thing, which I hope I can get by with some opensource software. The real problem is when I read build.xml, it does NOT mention how to build under linux. All it’s talking is about windows and Mac. Am I missing something?

Could someone please shed some light? Thanks a lot.

When you build from source and using install4j, it should create a tar file which can run on your Linux box.


do you want to uild an RPM or a tar.gz file? I see no need to do the one or the other within eclipse, at least creating the tar.gz file manually is easy as you get a openfire_src/target/openfire directory.


Thanks, what I wanted was a tar.gz. I just found that, after I posted my question, spark_project_dir_in_eclipse/target/build is ready for deployment. I’m able to move this dir elsewhere and double click its bin/startup.sh to fire up spark that I compiled.

I’m still curious about how make the exact same tar.gz as the one pepole download from the igniterealtime website, as the one I got is slightly different. I’ll try what leebwalker said above. Could anyone who has done this confirm? Thanks.