How to capture a non buddy presence in SMACK?


I am looking for the approach we need to adopt to capture the non buddy presence of the list of user ids. I heard that the same is present in AJAX based Jabberwerx approach (Quick contacts model). But, here I’m trying to build a server side logic to capture the set of users (dynamic in nature) presence.

My requirement goes this way:

I need to capture the set of user’s presence information and display the same on my portal. For this I’ll get a generic userid which doesn’t have the list of users added to it’s roster list but should be able to capture the presence (Reason is the list of user ids will be dynamic and changes from time to time and I can not add/delete buddies very often also, doesn’t want my buddies to delete the entry of my generic userid from their roster)

Could some one please help assisting in this regard? Any pointers or documentation would be of great help.

Thanks, JK