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How to change conference name or is it Team room?

I am new to using openfire and also have the task of trying to be an administrator of it.
Spark is the client being used.

We had a request to change a room …
I at the moment do not understand if this is a conference room, a team room, a group…I am all over the place confused.

In any case I was able to change the NAME of the room however the “address” or what I believe is the “ID” still shows the old name or “address” that we would like to change…

Attached you will see under conference in spark … on the left is the NAME that we wanted to go to… however in address it still says Sarah. Is there a way to change this? Or is it best to just recreate whatever it is we have here with what we want?

I hope I explained this good enough… I just do not see any location to be able to change this “ID”

Thank you!

Room ID as well as User ID (JID) can’t be changed. You will have to delete and create a new one with a new name. You will lose room’s history while doing that. It is better to have more neutral IDs for rooms in such case and only be more specific in room’s Name.