How to change the name of the plugin?

Maybe I am not phrasing my query right when I search for a solution, but how do I go about changing the name by which a plugin calls itself?

In my case, I have installed ‘ofmeet’ to hold WebRTC sessions and it is just the thing we needed. But I would rather like to call it something else, not ofmeet. What can I do so that instead of having a URL like I can have something like I tried changing the name of the folder where the plugin resides but that was not enough. I am sure some tweaking would be needed in some configuration file.

And while I am at it, what can I do to get rid of the 7443? My Openfire is hosted behind a NATed firewall. Can I port all the traffic from the default port (80) of the public IP to port 7443 of my private IP? Would that take care of it? Another way that I think could work would be to define 7443 as the default port of my webserver (Apache). The firewall is not directly under my control, so I’d like to have a solution before I approach my network administrator.