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How to code Server2Server conn?

Hi all,

first of all Merry Christmas to all of you.

Now my question :-), i am trying to create a virtual server.

The server should build up a connection with my real server, my problem i found nothing in the openfire documentation that really works.

I already have created a class with smack, but this is only a client-server connection.

Can anyone give me a hint, how to realize a class that connects to a my server?

Greetz Moses

Hi Moses,

the Openfire server/* java files may be interesting for you. Anyhow one may still wonder whether a component or a plugin would be better than a “virtual” server.

For your use case with “A” calling “B” but only if “A” is “good” you may consider using two servers, server A with a plugin which checks various things before routing the packets to server B.


Hi LG,

i was expecting that answer from you

This means that each user who want to use my future plugin needs to install openfire on his local machine, because i want to separate the client and the actual server from the processing of the messages, right?


P.S.: i already build the openfire source in eclipse and i am trying to build a connection to my server but i don’t know how.

Hi Moses,

you must host the server with the plugin, otherwise you can not know that the remote server uses the plugin. So you want to host both servers, the one with the plugin for public access, maybe also with web-based chat enabled / anonymous access.


Hi folks,

i solved my problem, i did the following:

  1. i installed a openfire server on my machine

  2. i created an account on the server

  3. i loaded the packetFilter plugin modified the plugin with my code(well i am creating the code ) and loaded on my local server

Thanks LG for the hints

Greetz Moses