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How to compile 2.6.3 and not 2.7.0?


I would like to know how I can compile the latest stable version, 2.6.3, and not the 2.7 beta ?

I’ve done a svn checkout of the source, but I don’t find the branch or tag for 2.6.3.

(I’ve looked here http://fisheye.igniterealtime.org/browse/~br=trunk/spark/)

How can I ‘revert’ my svn to this stable version ?

Thanks a lot.


Sorry, I found my answer here


So, this command do the job:

svn merge -rHEAD:12556 .

Hello tuxfamily,

I think you may want to take a closer look at 2.7.0 – as it includes a lot of bugfixes that make Spark a lot more stable and reliable. It should be mostly considered stable however it simply hasn’t been released yet due to some build server/packaging issues that are currently being ironed out.