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How to compile fastpath plugin?

Hello All,

Sorry if this question is too dumb.

I checked out spark source a few days back and got it to compile. It works fine too. But I can’t get the plugins (fastpath etc.) to compile or appear in the plugins folder under the target/build/plugins folder.

Is there something I am missing? I checked sparkplugs, but shouldn’t the source build just build the plugins too?

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I’m trying to compile fast path now as well, but when I ran the ant build it ignores it. Do I have to do something different for Spark to compile the fastpath?

Running ‘ant plugins’ builds it


Thank you for your reply. I just tried that and got "Target ‘plugins’ does not exist in the project ‘Spark’

You’ll need the Openfire sources to build it.

I have the Openfire sources, and I see there’s a fastpath plugin in it, and I can compile that one, but I think that’s the plugin for the Openfire server, right? I see there’s another one in the Spark sources, which is for spark . I need to make some modifications on it, such as keep the information when a chat is redirected, but can’t do much if I can’t compile it

When I compile Spark I see that it only compiles 4 plugins, but doesn’t even try to do anything with the fastpath one.

I see fastpath is a Openfire service, but also an extension of Spark that allows connecting to the Openfire service extension. Try cd’ing to /spark/trunk/src/plugins/fastpath/build and building via ‘ant’ there.


It seems like that did the trick. Thank you very much for the help.

I just have a doubt. I see that the jar it creates is missing a workgroup.jar that’s inside the original fastpath.jar. I’m assuming I can just put that jar inside of the newly compiled jar? I’ll give it a try in a few to ensure that.


If you download the beta version of spark*** 2.6*** you will find the fastpath plugin under the plugin’s directory : you run ant under the build folder in spark and under the build folder of fastpath : SparkRepo\trunk\src\plugins\fastpath\build
you will have fastpath.jar check if it’s under plugin’s directory of the target builded spark if not just copy/paste it there or modifiy the build.xml of fastpath so that the next time you run the ant you will find it there.

well you have fastpath.jar ( personnally i worked on fastpath webclient/openfireplugin/sparkplugin) my problem now is that i cannot compile/build fastpath with the release 2.5.8 of spark.

I hope that’s helpfull ! and sorry for my bad english

ps: take a look at the pic.