How to Conference with MSN Yahoo Users


I dont know if there’'s a settings available on Wildfire or in IM Gateway that i need to look at but i need help to enable the spark and/or Wildfire to do a conference chat with MSN or Yahoo users. Is there a way for spark user with MSN or Yahoo plugin to invite or get a conference invite from the user that using MSN or Yahoo IM client or spark user login to MSN/Yahoo to invite/join user that is using and login to MSN/Yahoo IM client?

Please advise what i need to do to enable my spark users to do a conference chat using spark IM clients.

Thanks and Cheers,


Group chat/conference chat is not yet supported. See GATE-12

Thanks, Jadestorm. Any date when this can be available?

I’'m afraid not. But please do vote for it as I do try to pay attention to the most popular requests!

Thanks, Jadestorm. Anyone with the same requirement? Need the groupchat (if is the right term to conference chat with Yahoo IM users) to ensure total security if Wildfire/spark being used in the Organization. Also, enabling this feature to spark/Wildfire eliminates the use of Yahoo IM or MSN IM client inside the organization.

For evaluation and development of this groupchat feature on gateway.