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How to configure a mass of spark clients?

hi friends,

at first, sorry for my bad english

i have installed an openfire server and want use spark as client.

is there a plugin, i can configure all our spark clients via admin console?

the best way for me is, i configure all and do a mass rollout to all clients.

the client should only be able to chane his avatar.

i hope you understand what im looking for.

thanks in advane for your help friends,


Spark settings are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark - spark.properties file . Some community users are somehow uploading this file to a mass of clients, but i’m not sure how exactly they prepare this file. For client control you can install Client Control plugin on the server, so you will be able to control some of the option of the Spark clients. But i dont think you can leave only avatar changing to them. You can either dsable vCard changing at all, or let them change all they personal info. Also they will still be able to change a lot of internal client settings, unless you’ll make this spark.properties file read-only to them, but im not sure if Spark would be able to work properly with that.

That’s all what i can tell. Maybe some more advanced users will give more advices about this.

hi wroot,

thanks for your replay.

this infos will help me a little out.

a real plugin to configure the client would be fine, but i dont find it anywhere… go go go programmers… do it

The personel Infos cant be changed from a client, i using LDAP with AD, so its read only…

thanks for your help!