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How to configure automatic backup in case of openfire crash

Hi Team,

Is there any way that we can configure a backup which will run as soon as open fire crashes. I mean is there any event that will be fired or method that will be called when openfire crashes.

I want to keep the backup of Open fire in case of crashing.Please suggest if there is a way to do it.



Do you mean that a backup copy of Openfire should start when main one crashes? In this case you should probably look into clustering solution.

I don’t think there could be a special event send by Openfire when it crashes, because you know, it is down and can’t send or do anything. It’s not that Openfire can predict its crash. If it’s memory related, there will be OutOfMemory errors in the logs. So you can probably monitor the logs and make an alert in your monitoring software for such errors, but this error doesn’t automatically mean that it will crash.