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How to configure ldap server with openfire!

Hello sir,

can anyone please help me out that how to configure the ldap server to openfire,

actaully we are using openfire from last 5-6 months, and there are 40-50 users

in the openfire right now, so can we configure ldap server with openfire without re-run the setup.

thanks in advance .

you must rerun the config for openfire. and you will loose any already configured users.

hi actaully that is the whole thing that i don’t want to loose any user or any user’s data

there should be some way, i have just configured my ldap server and it means i can’t connect

or configure it with openfire. only rerun is the solution.

There is no way to run a blended server. It is either manually created users or LDAP users. You cannot have both.

okay all right,

i want the ldap users in my openfire, so can you please guide me

how i can use my ldap users with the openfire.