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How to Configure SASL in openfire


I am trying to configure SASL in openfire so that i can work S2S communication as SASL. There are certain queries regarding this

Q1) Which SASL mechansims are supported in openfire?

Q2) do i need to import my certificate in openfire to work with SASL ?

Q3) if Q2 ans is YES,How to import a certificate in to openfire (or) how to import a pfx or p7b certificate in to openfire.Foolowing are the steps i have followed

step1: created a p7b or pfx12 (with private key) certificate with that xmpp domain let say xmpp.com

step2: converted this certificate to .pem file using openssl or key store

Step3: Now how to import this certificate in to keystore of openfire?

Early response will be really helpfulll.

Thanks in advance.

Q2,3 - here is a SSL guide from the documentation http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ssl-guid e.html As it says, import can be done via Admin Console (Server > Server Settigs > Server Certificates)

Also, there is a bug in current version, which can cause problems with certs importing OF-331