How to connece wildfire to ldap


i’‘ve followed carefully the instructions for connecting wildfire to an ldap server and tis not working. i’‘m at a public cafe and i don’‘t have access to my data, so i cant post the edited config file here but if there’‘s anyone who has successfully connected wildfire to ldap and can give bit by bit details of how they did it, then i’'lld be grateful.


tis the ldap server with Sun Directory Server 5.2

What form of LDAP are you using? Are you connecting to an Active Directory, or eDir, or OpenLDAP? The AD connection requires some differences than say an eDir connection from Wildfire.

Sorry didn;t read it all. on LDAP, have you attempted to connect using the same information supplied with an application, something like LDAP Browser? We need to know where the problem is being created.

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here are my


+55 51 3327 1406

uid: home: shell:



Is the location of the LDAP database really at

If not, you’'ll need to put in the DNS name or the IP address of the LDAP server in this field.

Are your adminDN and adminPasswords really blank or did you hide them on purpose?

If they are really blank you’'ll need to enter a username and password in there that has the ability to read from the LDAP server.

OpenLDAP might require Posix mode to be set to true instead of false.

You also seem to be missing a search filter.

Something like this (I should note that this is adapted from my search filter which is on Windows Server 2003, since you are using OpenLDAP, it might be different).



(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=<OU for users>,DC=mydomain,DC=com)(uid=))



Hope that helps,