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How to connect my spark client to openfire remotely

can somebody please tell me how to configure my openfire server to let my internal spark clients to talk to the server remotely. i want my users to connect my server from different location. i have configured the server as default in embedded database to store users. i have a workgroup network and a router installed in the network. i have already opened 5222,5223,5262,5229 and 7777 ports in my router and put port forwarding into it to my server installed machine.and i also have registered a dns name for my external ip of the router, the name is working fine it does open my router but when my remote user with spark try to connect to my openserver it says server name is invalid, just to mention i have used the same dns name for my openfire server (which i regiestered for ex ip of router)

i would be greatly appreciated if somebody can please solve my issue

First try with some other clients (Pidgin, Psi), because Spark sometimes can have problems with dns stuff.

thanks a lot for support i got it connected successfully by following the steps from http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/103464#103464

discussion , i gave the same dns name which i registered for external ip as my openfire server also and i opened all the ports what openfire shows you in admin console at first page the summary page everything worked fine.