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How to connect spark to openfire

I have installed openfire in public ip address, and i am entering my username and password and hostname in spark, but it is saying server is unreachable. I do not know what is happening. Can someone throw light on it? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It is not enough to just install it on a public IP address. If you put server’s hostname in Spark in the server field, this hostname should be resolvable in the Internet. This means this hostname should be in the DNS of you domain an the DNS recourd should be pointing to the IP of the Openfire server. You can at first try putting IP address in Spark and check if it can connect this way (another option is to go to Advanced menu in the login screen and put IP address there (unchecking automatic host discovery) - then you can put a hostname in the server field of the login screen as it will tie the hostname with the specified IP address).

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Thank you dea,it helped me